Thursday, February 22, 2018

School Holiday Workshop in March

The school holiday workshop for kids is back again!
Register your interest with Wayne at:
*Workshops are available by appointment only.


Saturday, February 17, 2018

Reynard the Baby Fox now available for adoption!

We are very pleased to introduce a brand new creation named Reynard!

A few weeks ago, Wayne posted an image of a piece of beautiful fur and a pair of green doll eyes on Facebook. His doll teacher, Carmel saw and made a comment: "Wow, these would be a nice combination to make a fox!"

Without hesitation, Wayne replied - Challenge Accepted!

Wayne loves to create, this is probably what he feels he enjoys the most. Every morning when he wakes up, he would ask himself - What am I going to create today?!

Creating a fox is definitely one of the many to-do items in his wish list, he thought if not now, when?!

Hence, he took this opportunity to challenge himself again. He looked into books on Taxidermy and internet images for references to get inspiration.

Although the final outcome seemed a little different from his expectations, he was very pleased with his creation. He could proudly tell everyone, this is probably the best he has ever made till date!

The highlight of the fox, features a locline armature built on his limbs and a long locline armature which links from the head, spine and tail.

His paws and foot pads are appliqued with needle sculpting techniques.

The most intricate part is the use of glass doll eyes and the full needle felted face. Each strand of fur on his face is inserted individually to give a unique expression to the baby fox.

Wayne also applied air brushing to give shading and tones to the body of the fox. A blue jumper outfit is also specially designed by Wayne to fit his playful attitude.

Reyard is now available on our website. Do check him out!

We hope you will like him as much as we do. We look forward to more exciting creations this year!


Friday, February 16, 2018

New Bear Workshop in March!

Wayneston Studios is pleased to introduce a brand new workshop in March!
In 2 lessons, learn to create a 7 inch tall Teddy Bear like Lemon Butter!

Seats are limited!
*Private classes on weekdays are available, email us for more info.

Register your interest now with Wayne at:

Experience the Art of Doll Making with Carmel Ooi

Wayneston Studios is pleased to collaborate with Art Doll Artist, Carmel Ooi to introduce doll making workshop. In the month of April, we will be learning how to make a 5 inch bundle baby from Prosculpt polymer clay specially imported from USA!

As demand for these workshops is expected to be high, places are limited and on first-come, first-served basis.
Sign up for her bundle baby workshop today!

Limited to 8 pax per session.
Register your interest now with Wayne at:

Wayneston Studios & Team