Monday, April 23, 2018

Susan Quinlan Artist Doll & Teddy Bear Convention, 12 - 14 April 2018

This is our 2nd time participating in the Susan Quinlan Artist Doll & Teddy Bear Convention. The event was held at the same location as last year, in the Clarion Hotel & Convention Center.

We were so happy to meet our fellow bear and doll artist friends again. We gave everyone a big "bear" hug as we met. This event somehow seemed to have a unique magical power, having the ability to bind artists and collectors together. No one seemed to be strangers as everyone had a great smile on their faces. This was possibly one of the reasons why Wayne had decided to come again. He felt a deep sense of belonging at the show, where he could not have felt the same at any other shows he had attended.

He ain't Heavy, He's my Brother by Wayne Lim

We arrived at the hotel on Thursday, 12 April and the first thing we did is to display our OOAK (One-of-a-Kind) Signature Gallery piece at the Ballroom. This year, Wayne gave his best to create and present his creation, "He ain't Heavy, He's my Brother" on the gallery. The piece consisted of a Centaur named Brave Heart and a baby cub, Micki. We were glad to hear that some artists and collectors voted for us, which meant a lot to us. Although we didn't win a prize, we were appreciative for the encouragement given, as it gave us motivation to strive to become a better bear artist. Some collectors and artists even thanked Wayne for creating the gallery piece. It gave them inspiration and a moment to appreciate something beautiful. Wayne was also very thankful to all the wonderful praises, as it made all his efforts totally worthwhile, which was priceless.

Tami Eveslage

Tracy Meier

Marina Osetrova

Joanne O'hanlon

Wanda J Carson

Michelle Lamb

Svetlana Khabarova

Darlene Allen

Franciso Carreno

Shane Elliott

Rob Boger

Candi Taylor

Charlene Draeger

Sue VanNattan

Katherine Hallam

Michelle Lamb

Jillian Reeves

Michelle Lamb
This event was definitely a "must-go" to all who loves dolls and teddy bears. There was always something for everyone. On Thursday, there were several doll and bear workshops. On Friday, there was an Artist & Collector Market Place where one can shop for materials, supplies, do-dads and other accessories. There were many sharing sessions in different time slots. We attended the Toy Prop Making session by Michelle Pulaski and Five Key Steps to Building Successful Business by Jack Johnston. Wayne was very excited to purchase and receive a specially autographed book from Jack!

Jack Johnston and Wayne

With Marina Bondarenko and Katrina Bittar

With Tami Eveslage

With Karen Baker
Wayne is so happy to have a chance to hold one of Michelle's new raccoon design!

Thank you Andrea Shinn for visiting our table!

On Saturday, the convention was opened to the public to visit and purchase creations from their favorite artists. The crowd this year seemed to be a lot less than the previous years, due to the change of date, hence it affected sales of most artists. However, we were glad to see some of the regular collectors coming to the show to support the event. We were glad that two of our creations, Mikhail and Brunost, have found new homes.

Thank you for adopting Mikhail!
Wayne and his mentor, Joanne Livingston

Thank you for adopting Brunost!

Beverly White

Darlene Allen

Diane Keeler

Tyler and Zac Crain-Davis

Amy Yascavage

Lynn Bowie

Katrina Bittar

Shane Elliott

Rob Boger

Michelle Lamb

Jillian Reeves

Tracy Meier

Maggie Anderson

Charlene Draeger

Anna Potapova

Candi Tylor

Sean and Tami Eveslage

In the evening, we had a wonderful time having dinner at the Presidential Ballroom where the winners of the Beverly Port and Helen Bullard Awards were announced. Congratulations to Tami Eveslage, Sue Vannattan, Katherine Hallam and Candi Taylor for emerging winners for the show!

L-R: Tami Eveslage, Katherine Hallam and Sue VanNattan
(Candi Tylor not in photo)
After the awards ceremony, Organiser of the event, Terry announced the dates of the convention next year to be  on 2 - 4 May 2019. So mark your calendar! We hope to see you again soon next year!


Friday, April 20, 2018

Wayne's Susan Quinlan Doll & Teddy Bear Convention Gallery Piece

Hi everyone, we want to share today, one of our latest creation titled -
"He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother", specially created for the gallery piece at Susan Quinlan Doll & Teddy Bear Convention.

We wrote a short story about this gallery piece. We hope you will enjoy them.

If you are interested to adopt this OOAK (One-of-a-Kind) gallery piece, please email Wayne at:

Have a great weekend!

Brave Heart, the centaur was walking through the forest one summer evening.  All of a sudden he stopped, he was sure he heard crying, as though someone was in terrible pain.  He waited until he was sure of the direction the sound was coming from, then set off towards it.  

After a while, he entered a copse and there he found a small, black bear cub, with his leg caught in the teeth of a hunter’s cruel trap.  Quickly, Brave Heart, pulled apart the deadly trap and gently lifted the small cub out of danger.

“What is your name, young cub?” asked Brave Heart. “Micki”, the little bear gently replied through his sobs.

“Where is your family?” asked Brave Heart, as he gently wiped the wound and dressed it with leaves and magical herbs that would heal it.   

Micki told him that the hunter had shot his mother when she was trying to free him from the trap.  “I have no-one” wept Micki.

Brave Heart lifted the cub gently onto his back and told him to hold tight.  Micki sat comfortably on his back and soon fell asleep.

When he woke, Micki realized they had been traveling for a long time.  “Do you need to rest?” Micki asked. Brave Heart smiled at the small cub and replied, “I’m fine, you don’t weigh much and from now on you are my brother, we are a family”.

Micki grinned up at his new friend, rested his head on Brave Heart’s strong back and fell fast asleep again.